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Candles manufacturer. Nature is the best decoration, and products based on ecological raw materials are able to add charm to any interior. We produce scented candles and ornamental candles.


Manufacturer of candles, waxes and decorative lanterns OLYNK proposes the highest quality scented wax, which we use natural scented oils and soy wax.



Lanterns offered by our online store allow you to create a warm ambience of the interior, ideally suited not only in homes and apartments, but also in hotels, restaurants, halls and receptions, giving these places charm and class. Their organic form allows them to be placed in bedrooms or in rooms where children or allergies are present, without fear of undesirable side effects.



Scented candles, which are inspired by the richest and most nutritious in nature. In the beeswax, the aromas of chocolate, coffee, cinnamon,


Besides a wide range of scented waxes and lanterns, our offer includes classic candles, captivating in its simple form and pampering its delicacy. They will function wherever we want to emphasize the character of the interior, and to give it a warm, intimate atmosphere. Made of ecological waxes, they are well presented and integrated in every place.