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Candle manufacturer


Why Olynk ?

Our mission is to promote interpersonal contact,

We deeply believe that the world needs people: conversations, meetings, stories, feelings.

Olynk is leading the “Goodwill Ambassador” by providing environmentally friendly candles.
Candle with character and “spirit”, which favors good, bright moments by candlelight..

How are we working?

We are proof that candles can be a passion.

Candles are not often associated with innovation, but we see them differently. We looked at what was easy to overlook, and we paid special attention to the details.

“In every project is a fire.”

Olynk is the idea of ​​combining refined design and knowledge of the many technologies that make up the original product of candles, waxes and lanterns for commercial and private interiors.

We understand business

Beautiful candle can create a climate that determines business success.

Good opinions are created in a good climate. In candlelight.
Our products will make the first impression on your customers.
Olynk will provide them with something special that they will be able to tell. That is a good opinion that will work for you for years.

What we do ?

We produce candles, waxes, lanterns from natural raw materials: palm, bee, soybean. Olynk company – manufactures a wide range of decorative candles, scented candles, decorative candles, scented waxes, decorative lanterns, ornamental lanterns and scented lanterns.


You can find ecological candles, ecological odors – Olynk.pl

We manufacture personalized candles FOR COMPANIES.

How did our logo appear ?

At first, we came up with the idea that we would create candles that would create the original glow. Our candles will be magical, and the flame unique in each of them. Soy candles are supposed to burn evenly with a gentle flame, while stearin gently flushes. Hundreds of trials have taken us closer and closer to the “cosmos”. So I determined the light that appeared in them. Comparing (I love analogy) to what we observe in the sky. Watching for hours in the flame, I wanted to create something as beautiful. I knew the logo would be full of space.

The first sketch appeared circles. There were several districts. Each of them shone gold – yellow in color, and on one of the rings appeared orbit – bullet, ringed with rings. Naturally, the idea came to take off a bit of weight from this orbit. With help came no one else like Michal Angel, who carved out rejecting unnecessary elements of his body. “I saw in front of my eyes” – as he creates, rejects the other pieces and shows his famous: “fighting centaurs with Lapits.” This allowed us to get rid of the beautiful rings that were in the logo at that time. When two rings were left, the question arises: Will the logo lose its magic when I discard one more ring?

Candles made of palm, bee and soy wax.

Olynk offers high quality candles, which do not contain toxic substances, chemical compounds and artificial preservatives and dyes. Olynk.pl – producer of candles and scented waxes, decorative lanterns with emphasis on carefully selected raw materials to fully reflect the natural nature of the products we offer.

The decorative and scented candles we offer are made from palm, bee and soy wax. Each of them is free from genetically modified materials, pesticides and herbicides. Our products are designed and executed for the most demanding people, who do not find any compromises on ecology and the impact on human health.

Ecological scenery for those who want to live in harmony with nature.

Decorative candles from plant waxes are a completely ecological solution for anyone who wants to bring a touch of warmth and light to their home or apartment, while not forgetting the natural environment.

By choosing Soy Candles, you can be sure that there are no toxic ingredients that would harm your health or the environment in any way. If you want your home, apartment or reception to be a truly welcoming place, choose natural candles and decorative lanterns, especially as they can be durable and efficient in use.

Manufacturer of decorative candles, fragrances, lanterns and waxes, I offer the  store Olynk.pl, also a large selection of assortment complementing the offer, including aromatic fireplace inserts, as well as candles for massage, which during the course of their change to their liquid texture, allowing to obtain valuable Massage oil and skin care.