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Candle Manufacturer offers: scented candles, scented waxes, lanterns, and assortment made of palm, bee and soy wax. We make also personalized products: scented candles, scented waxes, decorative lanterns, gifts, gift sets. Timeless beauties that you will not remain indifferent. We offer candles with private lable.

Make yourself comfortable – We’ll help you in everything.

We are here to make a great impression on your guests. Candles will create a climate for this.
We will help you choose the right candles and create a tasteful package.

The delight of the guests lies in the details.

Candles are just that detail that will tell him what is most important.

For restaurants:
It’s more orders from people who feel good in a new place.
For hotels:
It is the grateful guests who have spent time in a friendly and elegant environment.
For interior designers:
This is a work tool. Building mood by layout and equipment space.

Manufacturer of scented candles – Compose the scent.

Compose the smell of memories, the atmosphere that will charm guests in the living room, office, or other room where the opinion of the visitor counts..


Manufacturer of scented waxes – Try aromatherapy.

Extremely dense, persistent sensual aroma smell. An astounding assortment of fragrances that allows you to create a scent that your guests will talk to..


Manufacturer of decorative lanterns – Enter the charm to your surroundings.

Nature is the best decoration. Lanterns with pure palm wax will add charm to any interior. Inside the unexpected soy sauce company will provide a long burning time. But this is not the end – the whole of the melted flavors..

Build a caring atmosphere, with the help of a unique ornament that is a lampon filled with soy wax.


Manufacturer of ecological candles – Create a caring atmosphere.

The products are designed and made for the most demanding people, who do not recognize any compromises on ecology and the impact on human health..


Looking for a unique gift idea?

We offer sets that we create specifically for the needs of companies. Compose aromatic bouquets that allow you to celebrate the moments. Create decorative candles that can give character. We customize the products for your dream gifts.


We invite you to cooperate.

Olynk – Manufacturer of scented candles, scented waxes and decorative lanterns.

Scented candle manufacturer that uses carefully selected raw materials. We know selection is the most important part of our work.

Palm wax free from genetically modified materials, pesticides and herbicides. Guarantee, certification that it is a 100% palm wax without oil, paraffin. Natural organic wax.

Soy wax free from genetically modified materials, pesticides and herbicides, confirmed in accredited laboratories. Warranty, certification that it is a 100% vegetable wax without added petroleum,
Paraffin, palm wax or bees. Wax is kosher certified and is manufactured according to FDA standards. Wax does not contain harmful toxins that affect humans and their environment

Beeswax free from genetically modified materials, pesticides and herbicides. Guaranteed that it is 100% beeswax without added with oil, paraffin, palm or soy wax.

Select proven resources.
Manufacturer of scented candles.